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Three Years Later

Today is a big day!

I am celebrating being cancer free for the last 3 years.

1,095 days. 26,280 hours.

I remember my sweet husband and my sweet Daddy were there as I took the last dose of chemotherapy. They were there as I ran that bell in celebration.

The end of the chemo chapter.

The beginning of the next chapter of life.

I was forever changed. My external appearance was a reflection of my internal transformation. The Lord literally stripped me of who I thought I was and was remaking me into his image. For His glory. Not my own.

I swore on that day I would never again take life for granted. I couldn’t imagine what life would look like in a year, much less three. Honestly I was thankful to even be alive 3 months later.

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about my cancer journey. It certainly doesn’t define me. But those experiences molded me. Honestly, there are times when I long to be back there because of the dependency and intimacy I had with the Lord. It’s so easy when things are going well to forget our desperate need for Jesus.

He created us in his image. He set us apart for his purpose. The Holly of 2018 is far different than the one of 2015. There are still so many things to learn and areas of my heart that need to grow in trust and faith. The one thing I am certain of is my Jesus is the same today as he was then and will be tomorrow. He holds my future in his hands.

I have met so many courageous women over the last 3 years that I now call my teal sisters. These women are the bravest and strongest women I know. Some are now with Jesus and others are battling this disease for the second and third time. It’s relentless. I am thankful to be in a season of healing. I know the chances of recurrence for me are low, but the chances of even having this disease are even lower. Instead of worrying about what tomorrow holds, I am trusting today that God is sovereign over ever detail. I know I will not be alive one second longer than he would have me be. I know I will be alive until my purpose on this earth is fulfilled.

I am honored to be able to help other women like me. I am 1 in 75. There are many of us. The Teal sisterhood. I will continue to spend my days serving my sisters and spreading awareness for this horrible disease. I will not stop until there’s an ovarian cancer awareness stamp or NFL players are wearing teal socks at games on Sundays in September. We aren’t talking about this disease enough. Will you join in and help us? Will you consider supporting women like me who are diagnosed with ovarian cance? Will you help spread awareness of ovarian cancer in hopes of saving someone’s life?

Thank you for supporting and praying for me and my family. I can never repay you. What I can do is keep fighting For what I believe in. I will never stop until I am called home. Cancer will not when. The blood of Jesus washes over me and cleanses every cancer cell away.

Jesus, it’s all for you!


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