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Gotcha Day.

Reid Samuel Tomlin

Today is your “Gotcha Day”.

Adoption day is the culmination of so many circumstances. It is the perfect picture of the gospel. Just as God adopts us into his family and we are made new… never to be separated from His kingdom again.

For the Lord created you. He has given you a new name in Him. The old has gone and the new has come.

January 3rd is simply the day the world recognizes what God ordained long before we were born. This year was different. We didn’t talk about it with you. You’re now growing up and are able to understand things to an extent. We are trusting the Lord for when we will fully share all that this day means, but until then we pray that your heart will fully know how much your are loved, how you were chosen and completely understand how amazing this journey has been.

Reid, You are the sunshine in our lives. We love seeing you grow up. The joy in your heart. You are quite the little encourager. You are quite feisty at times and ohh the energy too My favorite part is you have the most genuine heart of all. Empathetic. Loving. Wise beyond your years. You steal the hearts of all you meet.

Reid Samuel. You completed us. You are the exclamation point for our family! I look at you and see my son. Not of my flesh but the final piece to complete our hearts. I pray that you will fully understand how much we love you and never doubt any part of your story. God has big plans for you sweet boy. I am so thankful he chose us to guide you through this life here on earth. It is through your life and redemption story that many will see the power and love of Jesus.


I never realized I could love you more than I did on that day. Sweet guy, you will always be my baby Reid.


Jesus, it’s all for you.

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