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The Best Day Ever....

We brought you home 7 years ago today. It was that day you left the hospital for the very first time.

It was that day that we took the biggest step of faith. We trusted that God is who he said he is.

It was that day the Lord stood in the gap between our yes and the reality of what lies ahead.

Every moment since that day the Lord has shown up. He has been faithful.

Your story continues to unfold. You are scripture come to life. You are JOY, you are the very promise of God in real life. He knew you before you were formed. He knew the number of days your life would hold. He knew your earthly heart would be broken.

It was that very reality that God would use to fix our broken hearts. Hearts that stray to fear and worry.

It was that very brokenness that the Lord would use to show us that He is enough and that He is faithful.

When the world says “no hope” and “no life” it was you sweet baby that God used to show us that He is life and He is our hope. We are not defined by circumstances in our life but by God alone.

We will continue to share your story sweet boy so that the Lord can continue to show how big he is.

Our prayer is that your story will show his faithfulness, that your story changes the lives of many and your story shares the gospel with others.

We love you sweet boy and you are ours. Thank you Lord for creating him to show us perfect love.

Jesus, it’s all for you.

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