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Next steps..

Our sweet Baby Reid. ♥️😭♥️

He’s doing so great. He’s fully recovered from RSV and is back to a his normal toddler self!

He went this morning for his checkup with his pediatric cardiologist. Everything looked as good as possible for the heart disease he has. Dr. Sing confirmed he’s doing great!!

Big next step is his third and hopefully final heart surgery for a very long time. The Fontan operation is the third and final palliative surgery for children with hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

We are looking to tentatively schedule his pre-operative heart cath and cardiac MRI in late May and then surgery in early June. We’ve talked about this a lot and known it’s coming but today the emotions of it all hit hard. Cory and I would give anything for him to not have to endure this journey, but we also fully trust the Lord’s hand in his life. We know our little guy has a purpose on this earth and God has been glorified this far and will continue to be.

Join us in praying for Reid as you think of him in the months ahead.

- prayers for his medical team: doctors, surgeons, nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, unit staff... everyone!

- prayers for Reid.... this is a lot for someone to endure but especially when you can’t understand why it’s happening

- prayers for our family as we travel this road. We have a village we love and know will support us through this.

- prayers that people will come to know and see who God really is through Reid’s story. You can’t hear it without seeing him!

Jesus, it’s all for you! ♥️ Holly

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